Sunday, July 27, 2008

Great Summer Reading

Need a book or two for  summer reading?

 Here are a few suggestions: 

If you are a history buff pick up Jeff Shaara's series on WWII (the second book is even 
better than the first) :
Rising Tide (in paperback  this is the first book 
 in the planned trilogy )
Steel Wave  (second in the series)

Conn Iggulden has written two  great historical novels (series of three are planned) about Genghis Kahn.   Fascinating and well written these are well worth the reading time. 

Genghis:Birth of An Empire (first in the series)
Genghis: Lords of the Bow

If you prefer a little mystery or a political thriller  for your summer pleasure pick up the latest from Brad Thor or James Rollins (and if you don't want to splurge on hard covers buy any of their other books already in paperback).  You can't go wrong with these two authors.

For a different kind of thriller, take a  look at life behind the Iron Curtain when the government says that crime  does not exist, discover  how  you catch a killer, when you read the book  Child 44  by Tom Rob Smith.

The Last Patriot****  Brad Thor
The Last Oracle**** James Rollins

Need a little romance? If you like regencies try anything by Julia Quinn such as her Bridgerton series or Lisa Kleypas' Wallflower series. If you prefer contemporaries you can't go wrong with  Debbie Macomber, Catherine Anderson or Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Here are ten other good picks for summer reading not in any particular order some are old and some are new:
1. Garden Spells Sarah Addison Allen

2. The Eight  by Katherine Neville 

3. The Power of One  Bryce Courtenay

4. Buster Midnight's Cafe by Sandra Dallas

5. Lancelot  by Walker Percy

6.  A Bell for Adano   by John Hershey

7.  Shantaram Gregory David Roberts 

8. Mademoiselle Boleyn  by Robin


9. Skeletons of the Zahara: A True
 Story of Survival by 
Dean King

10. Tea Rose and Winter Rose by Jennifer

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brad Thor's The Last Patriot

"What if," games are always interesting especially when it's another Brad Thor thriller. The current US war against terror isn't the first to take on Islamists who have used the latter part of the Koran to justify killing infidels as set down from Allah to Mohammed. (ah, the history lessons you will lessons you will learn). But what if Mohammed's last message from Allah was one so startling that Wahabbi's and other fundamentalist Islamists would kill to keep the secret from reaching the present day faithful?

Taking the reader from Thomas Jefferson and the scourge of Barbary pirates, to present day scholars searching for early versions of the Koran that may include a final revelation, there is plenty of murder, mayhem and other action to keep you guessing. And of course we have Thor's continuing characters including , Scot Harveth a modern day hero for the war on terror who is the thinking man's equivalent of Rambo - a hero still smarting from a betrayal in the last book (if you read it). Suffice it to say Harveth just happens to be in the right spot for action although he is unofficially "of duty."

Pick up the book, turn a few pages and you'll be hooked. ANd if you haven't read the rest of Thor's books - pick them up as well.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Woman of a Thousand Secrets

I've read a number of Barbara Woods books through the years, my favorite having been DOMINA **** that is until I read .... Woman of a Thousand Secrets... which is why I added it to this blog!  It will be available in September and is worth the wait!


Barbara Wood draws from myth and history as she tells the story of Tonina, a baby from the sea found by a childless Pearl Island couple who raise her knowing that someday she must return to her own people among the mainlanders. Her journey across water and land, the search for family, and the quest to discover a mysterious red flower that promises miraculous cures are woven through Tonina’s story as she changes from a near outcast to a strong, resourceful woman.
Woods paints vivid, lush pictures of a time and place long since vanished but alive within the pages of this book where feathers dance, eagles soar, pyramids remain and the land holds many secrets. The supporting characters are strong females, wily profiteers, mythical mutes with godlike powers, people of the earth who can hear nature’s heartbeat and interpret the smallest changes in weather and plant life, sports stars with egos to match, families struggling to lift their children to a better life and those who have lost their families because of their own greed.

History fans will once again find many facts and fascinating tidbits in Woods’ latest book. Central American lore, culture, history and geography are well traversed in Tonina’s story. The resourcefulness of the main character, the power of legend (and a few coincidences) and the path of the human heart lift this book to a must read category for fans of Woods work.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rollin's Last Oracle

Weaving history, current events, and unusual tidbits of knowledge with his creative storytelling makes any James Rollins book a great fun and THE LAST ORACLE continues the tradition. You'll want to get comfy because you may just want to read it in one sitting. The SIGMA Force is back in another thriller complete with savant children, Chernobyl, diabolical scientists, gypsies and lots of action. If you are a reader of Rollins’ previous works you'll recognize the characters and see their stories brought up to date.

Like a spider, Rollins weaves a complex web and the reader has a chance to follow the threads through not only the past and present, but also through India, Russia, Washington, DC and other locations as the various characters tangle themselves in a deep mystery that has the possibility of eradicating mankind.

I admit to being a fan of Rollins and have read his previous SIGMA Force books, so I was happy to get an advance reader’s copy of this book.

The book’s title THE LAST ORACLE, refers to the Oracle of Delphi and the plotline is based on a cabal of scientists who manipulate the brains and talents of autistic-savant children with the goal of world peace. Some group members, however, have other plans for the children that are not so altruistic. Stopping the bad guys is where the SIGMA Force comes in and the worldwide chase begins. Chernobyl plays a key role, psychic abilities are also important to the storyline and SIGMA teams up with gypsies in a rather remarkable way --- (some great historical tidbits here). If you know the SIGMA characters you’ll appreciate the updates to their stories. Plus you get the drawings that Rollins’ includes with his novels – always a nice addition.

While I lay no claim to psychic talent I do predict that if you read this book you’ll be fascinated with the historical and scientific information, you’ll find the storyline thrilling and the book hard to put down.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Prisoner of Birth

Jeffrey Archer's A Prisoner Of Birth**** Sentenced for a crime he did not commit, a young London mechanic befriends his cellmates and they in turn help him seek justice during the many plot twists and turns of this latest Archer novel. Throw in lying barristers, sleazy actors, a priceless stamp collection, two young lovers, a passionate defense attorney and you have  a book that will  keep you reading past bedtime. You'll find it hard to put down because the characters  are both real and entertaining and the plot is very imaginative.