Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Greg Iles' second book in a trilogy featuring Mayor Penn Cage of Natchez, MS
What a thrill to receive this book early to review before its release. Picking up right where the first book Natchez Burning finished, this second book immediately takes the reader to the heart of the south and long buried but not forgotten hate crimes, assassination plots, Klan activity, Mafia mayhem and a swamp that may hold a key to chilling history. 

Mayor Penn Cage of Natchez is fighting on the side of the angels, but as usual he is 
collecting soul debts by bargaining with the devil - trying to save his family, fiancee and an out of control situation that seems headed to a high body count in this book. 

With names like JFK, MLK, Oswald and Marcello and enough law enforcement including the FBI, State Police, sheriff and local yokels, this is not a book to relax with - you'll be glued to your chair and turning pages all night long. And at over 800 pages it can be a long night or two. 

But as with any Greg Iles book, it's worth its weight in reading gold. So many twists and turns that you'll want to cry and laugh and cheer - perhaps all  in the same chapter. Another great read that will leave you begging for the final installment of the trilogy.