Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Keeper of Secrets by Julie Thomas

Keeper of Secrets

The turbulent past of WWII Germany and near present  day mid-west USA come to life under the pen of Julie Thomas. A beautifully written book about a passion for music – specifically about a Guarneri  del Gesu‘  violin and the Horowitz family who loved and cherished it and the horror visited upon the family during the Nazi regime.

It is a story that tells of fathers and sons, a gift of music, the joy of an instrument that has a unique, distinctive history as well as a distinguished, valuable and unique pedigree.  It is a story of lost and found and the boys and men who claim this valuable violin as their own.

It is also the story of young Daniel Horowitz who longs to be like his other friends and play baseball rather than spend time with his violin. A gifted musician he decides quit playing. The book centers on a maestro’s search to bring music back to Daniel’s heart and convince him to play. How this search impacts Daniel’s entire family is the central theme of the book.

A beautiful story and a compelling read.