Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Heroines

The Heroines, is an intriguing debut novel about a young teen and her mother whose B&B is host to a cast of literature’s finest (and most tragic) heroines from Ophelia to Hester Prynne and Scarlett O’Hara. The daughter narrates and tells  about  being ordered to play with Hester’s daughter Pearl (can we say “playing “pillory”) so the two unwed mother’s can share notes. The narrator is cautioned by her mother that she must keep two secrets: don’t tell anyone you see heroines (albeit they are garbed in modern clothing) and  never  tell the heroines the rest of their stories or they will not go back to meet their dreadful fates. Can you blame them? Frankly Scarlett you will give a damn about this book. 
No wonder the young narrator ends up accidentally (so to speak) in a psych ward. An interesting take on a  remarkable  situation. Who hasn't wished that book characters would come to life?  For readers of children's books it may remind you of  of an adult “Inkheart” with a tad less drama, a lot less fantasy and slightly more heart.