Saturday, July 12, 2008

Woman of a Thousand Secrets

I've read a number of Barbara Woods books through the years, my favorite having been DOMINA **** that is until I read .... Woman of a Thousand Secrets... which is why I added it to this blog!  It will be available in September and is worth the wait!


Barbara Wood draws from myth and history as she tells the story of Tonina, a baby from the sea found by a childless Pearl Island couple who raise her knowing that someday she must return to her own people among the mainlanders. Her journey across water and land, the search for family, and the quest to discover a mysterious red flower that promises miraculous cures are woven through Tonina’s story as she changes from a near outcast to a strong, resourceful woman.
Woods paints vivid, lush pictures of a time and place long since vanished but alive within the pages of this book where feathers dance, eagles soar, pyramids remain and the land holds many secrets. The supporting characters are strong females, wily profiteers, mythical mutes with godlike powers, people of the earth who can hear nature’s heartbeat and interpret the smallest changes in weather and plant life, sports stars with egos to match, families struggling to lift their children to a better life and those who have lost their families because of their own greed.

History fans will once again find many facts and fascinating tidbits in Woods’ latest book. Central American lore, culture, history and geography are well traversed in Tonina’s story. The resourcefulness of the main character, the power of legend (and a few coincidences) and the path of the human heart lift this book to a must read category for fans of Woods work.