Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Threads West - A Saga to Skip

In Threads West  the adventure begins just as the book ends. The worst part is that there are five more books in the saga.  It could easily be two books if the author had condensed the material, focused on the story and spent less time (the entire first half of the book) developing each character’s history when it could have been integrated into the story. Just as the characters (from several countries who all end up in St. Louis and all have a link to a treasure map and all set out on the same wagon train headed west) finally have some real action and the story really begins - the book ends. After only 222 pages. I am glad I didn’t pay to read it.

What a disappointment. It’s certainly not a western. It’s too long for a short story. Some of the characters seem to be drawn from romance novels although the “romantic moments,” would leave romance readers disappointed by the rather inept descriptions of those encounters. Everyone seems like a caricature – the smart, clever Jewish man, the big Scandinavian, the entitled British snob, and the hard drinking, card shark, cheating Irishman. I really wanted to like this book – but between the overwrought descriptions and the overwhelming coincidences it was just unbelievable.

It says on the back of the book that it is being compared to Lonesome Dove and Centennial. That is like equating a Harlequin Romance with Pride and Prejudice. But all things have their place and this book may find an audience with people who have lots of money to spare buying six books. Personally, after this one I won’t pay for the next five.