Monday, September 22, 2008

Charlemagne Pursuit

Steve Berry's book THE CHARLEMAGNE PURSUIT features Cotton Malone, the intrepid American  Magellan Billet (US covert operations) member, who is  on a personal mission to discover the truth about his father's fatal mission on the submarine USS Blazak. It seems, however, that Cotton is not alone in his search for answers about the never recovered sub.  

Suddenly, many people share his quest  including  the competitive, twin daughters of a German who died along with Cotton's  father and a US  admiral with lofty political ambitions and a nasty temper who wants the secrets of the mission to remain buried in  Antarctica. As is usual with Cotton Malone there is the thrill of the chase, shootings, mass mayhem, and of course the historical links that  provide such a fascinating aspect to every Berry novel. 

Charlemagne's secrets lead to information that can help Cotton with his search but there are many obstacles along the way and the clues must be followed exactly (which isn't easy if you have killers chasing you and your supposed allies are plotting your demise). The book also touches on NAZI fascination with the the Aryan race, and their exploration of Antarctica in the late 1930's, nother little footnote in time courtesy of Berry's research.

Journey with Cotton through Germany, France and Antarctica as he battles both the past and present to find the truth amidst  government cover-up,  unforgiving weather, and not so trustworthy partners. 

One fun and quirky item  is that fans of Brad Thor will note the mention of Brad Thor's character Scott Harvath in Berry's book. Seems to be an insiders joke... I am not 100% certain but I'm almost sure Cotton Malone was mentioned in the last Thor's book I read.

The Charlemagne Pursuit hits bookshelves on 12/9/08.  Pick it up and enjoy - it's another great read from the master of this genre and it'd be a great holiday gift for a friend.