Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thrillers anyone?

If you like thrillers and missed these  older ones  most if not all of these are now in paperback. The notes on each book are short  - I decided if you want more 
information you can head to Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites!

1. Jill Gregory & Karen Tintori The Book of Names***  
 Interesting and well written mystery/thriller about an ancient text containing the  names of 36 righteous people in each generation
 who must live to keep world “safe." (And you thought you were having a bad day?)

2. David Ignatius, Body of Lies*** It is a complex snare to attract Al Queda operatives – you'll wonder if it is non-fiction  because it sounds like it could be true…
It's well written, interesting and very readable! (and yes Hollywood based a 2008 movie of the same name on Ignatius' novel -  Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio starred). 
I'm excited that his new book 
The Increment will be out in May. Lucky me - I get to read an advance copy! So watch a review. 

3. Brian McGrory Strangled ***What if the real Boston Strangler was still alive and started killing again?
This novel explores that very scenario and proceeds with  the premise  that because of his false confession the wrong man was sent to prison.  As you read this book you'll want to leave on the light. And lock the door. And the windows. And get a big dog with very big teeth.