Sunday, October 12, 2008

A batch of books

It's the big week for fans of Katherine Neville .... THE FIRE makes an appearance in bookstores... not to be missed! (see review in earlier blog posts)

For those of you still needing extra 
reading material here are a few other sugestions:

Romance readers can enjoy a new 
Susan Wiggs book: Just Breathe.  Known for her light touch and contemporary romances, Wiggs gives us a pregnant comic strip artist running from her cheating husband back to her seaside hometown. As a high school misfit she has lots of memories from those years including ones about the good looking fire chief (can we say hot romance about now?). Easy to read and you'll enjoy it too much to feel guilty about this modern romance with baby! on board.

Canine lovers try Marley and Me. This dog really is man's best friend and once you start reading you'll understand why Hollywood optioned this book and why the movie is coming out during the holiday season. 

Non fiction lovers who worry about the threat posed by Vladimir Putin and are interested in the "new" Russia will enjoy Putin's Labyrinth. It may scare you more than the American economy when you read about the killing of journalists, and others who have dared to take him "on." Does Alexander Litvinenko and 
polonium-210 ring a bell? Read this and you'll think twice if you believe the Cold War ever ended.