Sunday, November 22, 2009

Monument's Men

Monument's Men reads like a mystery but it is fact. Learn about some forgotten heroes of WWII the men and women who helped protect, save, find and preserve art treasures that were either looted and/or "removed for safekeeping by the Nazis, during WWII."

Read firsthand accounts about the Ghent Altarpiece, Bruges Madonna, and other masterpieces.  Be amazed (and horrified at the treasures lost forever and those found in salt mines, storage sheds, castles, trains, etc) during the German occupation, retreat, and American landing and offensive.) Try to understand why the Nazi's would rather have destroyed every single piece of art they had to leave behind - pieces  from the Louvre and those stolen from private collections rather than let these treasure remain for the world to revere. Meet heroines like Rose Vallard a quiet, precise woman who fought for the Nazi in a unique way by documenting their looting of art.

A great read, a piece of history too long ignored and a lesson lost to the U.S. as documented by George W. Bush's mishandling of the Iraq Museum's looting during the "shock and awe mission, in 2003." Planning is better than hindsight!

Check out this link to the Monument's Men website and meet some unlikely heroes from the museum set - what a story!