Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Thrills: Recommended New Books

Looking for just the right new book for that last minute summer reading?  Here are a few recommendations from the newest releases:

 If you like historical novels and have a particular interest in the 
Salem witchcraft trials  then  pick  up  The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane,**** by Katherine Howe.  Travel from 
present day New England  a Harvard grad student as she searches through her family history  for a mysterious manuscript  tied to the Salem witch trials of the 1690's. Will she reach academic nirvana and discover a new twist on history?

You can never go wrong with the "Sigma Force specialists" from the
 creative mind of David Rollins. His latest  "The Doomsday Key,***1/2" provides his usual dose  of adventure along with the oddest and most intriguing bits of history. I hesitate to give anything away, but suffice it to say that if you have read any of Rollins's previous books you will enjoy this one - it does start a wee bit slow, but hang on for a
 rewarding romp through bogs,  bees and prophecy.

BURNED**** was inspired by the  true life kidnapping of Australian Yvonne Bornstein by terrorists linked to Al Queda.  Like the real kidnapping the story takes place in Russia. The novel   begins with  a marriage on the rocks, a  business deal gone terribly wrong that results in  the kidnapping of an American businesswoman, murder, torture,  and a  planned nuclear attack on the US that the requested ransom will fund in addition to a  cast of desperate sociopathic kidnappers. In the mix add a grieving Russian policeman who splits his time between the bottle and  the investigation (but who manages to be a heroic figure nonetheless)  a CIA, Washington D.C. based desk jockey who  is looking for a promotion and a brave kidnapped,  woman who refuses to be a victim. 

David Hagberg's book is one of the best reads of the summer. He is also the author of   the popular thrillers featuring  action hero, former CIA director and all around good guy "Kirk McGarvey." Two of my personal " McGarvey" favorites are  THE EXPEDITOR**** and ALLAH'S SCORPION, **** both worth picking up at a bookstore or library. You can count on good writing and good reading with Hagberg.