Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brad Thor's The Last Patriot

"What if," games are always interesting especially when it's another Brad Thor thriller. The current US war against terror isn't the first to take on Islamists who have used the latter part of the Koran to justify killing infidels as set down from Allah to Mohammed. (ah, the history lessons you will lessons you will learn). But what if Mohammed's last message from Allah was one so startling that Wahabbi's and other fundamentalist Islamists would kill to keep the secret from reaching the present day faithful?

Taking the reader from Thomas Jefferson and the scourge of Barbary pirates, to present day scholars searching for early versions of the Koran that may include a final revelation, there is plenty of murder, mayhem and other action to keep you guessing. And of course we have Thor's continuing characters including , Scot Harveth a modern day hero for the war on terror who is the thinking man's equivalent of Rambo - a hero still smarting from a betrayal in the last book (if you read it). Suffice it to say Harveth just happens to be in the right spot for action although he is unofficially "of duty."

Pick up the book, turn a few pages and you'll be hooked. ANd if you haven't read the rest of Thor's books - pick them up as well.