Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Reading Suggestions

 You cannot go wrong with a Steve Berry book if you want a fun, thrilling and enjoyable read - plus some great historical tidbits. His latest still in hardback is THE COLUMBUS AFFAIR, and it is one of his better books this time focusing on Christopher Columbus - and everything you THOUGHT you knew from grade school - well forget that! Pick up the book for a tantalizing peek at a time and place long forgotten with history you really missed! Berry at his best!   If you like Steve Berry try his newest paperback too - the Jefferson Key is about the pirates who made America what she is today - the land of the free.  Believe it or not - and this is no bedtime story, (unless you plan to be all up night turning pages) you'll find some little known history from the American Revolution along with a plot that includes a Jeffersonian cipher, a document forged by the founding fathers and an assassination plot against the current US president. This is another great Cotton Malone thriller for those familiar with Berry's Magellan Billet series.  But any of Berry's books are great stand-alone novels - so pick one up to enjoy a summer beach read...

Summer Reading 2012

Prions, the CDC, a stolen Mayan codex, a race to stop an epidemic and the approaching date of 12/21/12 make for a heart pounding novel and a fun summertime read. A cross between a Robin Cook/Michael Crichton medical/biological thriller and a Clive Cussler/James Rollins action/adventure novel, it combines the best of both in an intelligently written book that takes the reader on a journey from the lab to the museum to the jungle. From the land of the ancient Maya to present day Los Angeles there is little chance for boredom and a great chance that the reader will spend time worrying about the truth behind this original story.