Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baldacci's latest : The Whole Truth

David Baldacci's The Whole Truth**** is an interesting premise --- why don't we just start a war? Just a little throwback to the Cold War perhaps? If you are the world's biggest defense contractor like Nicholas Creel, have billions already and can easily manipulate media and shape world opinions, and are even willing to kill to make your dream a reality - who is there to stop you?

 Baldacci's brings to life, journalist Katie James, a down on her luck, hard drinking print reporter who used to cover war zones  and now writes obits. She may have found story of the year. Shaw, the one named hero of the book is a ruthless alphabet agency killer, who wants to finish this last job and retire. But in his line of work --- well that may be a bit impossible. And his boss isn't about to let this professional slip away when his work is a mix of James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Jack Bauer.

The two are on a mission to find out who is  causing the great powers to face each other down and stop what may trigger a global conflict from which there is no escape. 

Another gripping read from Baldacci who tends to not only have great characters, but also timely issues.