Sunday, April 27, 2008

Books about Africa

Like many people who have seen television stories (thank you to Ann Curry at NBC news for her continuing focus on this issue ) and read newspaper and magazine accounts of the continuing tragedy in Darfur and other regions of Africa, I have read a number of books about Africa just to educate myself about the situation. It seems that one book leads to another - they span eye witness accounts of the atrocities in the region, famine, poverty, oil, AIDS, etc. in the next posting are ones I would recommend if you have an interest in learning more about the complex history and multi-faceted problems faced by the peoples and nations of the African continent.

I will also be adding links to organizations that can provide more up to date information and offer a way for you to help with what famine relief organizations are calling the "silent tsunami" of worldwide हुन्गेर, and also specifically with Darfur related concerns.

All of the books are in the next post...