Monday, April 28, 2008

Two for the Day

Since I don't want to completely bore or overwhelm anyone - I've decided to just post a few recommendations/reviews a day for a bit.  You'll notice that they are far flung and on a wide variety of topics...

Buster Midnight's Cafe**** written by Sandra Dallas this delightful book has characters with such memorable names as "Whippy Bird" and of course Buster Midnight. While it concerns a Tinsel Town murder triangle, it's really the story of small town friendship, growing up, finding your way in life and how dreams can change, especially when violence shatters that perfect facade. Once you've read this book you'll want to check out all her other books .... I especially like The Persian Pickle Club which features some of the same characters and the two completely different books The Chili Queen and Alice's Tulips.   Her website is:

The Teammates: Portrait of a Friendship****, by the late David Halberstam may be the best book about baseball ever written  - it is also a beautifully crafted story about four men's enduring friendship, aging, and the road trip to say a final goodbye to their ailing teammate who in this case happens to be Ted Williams. These four former Red Sox players were all icons of  Fenway - Dom DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky (yes - Pesky's Pole is named for him), and Bobby Doerr. Although Doerr didn't make that particular trip they all shared stories and memories of their friendship, of baseball and of their enduring love for the game. It truly is an anthem to not only the Red Sox nation, but also baseball, friendship and male bonding.