Monday, January 24, 2011

A trip can change your life and Conor Grennan's book, little princes, documents this fact as he writes about his sojourn to an orphanage in Nepal. When he decided to take a year off to travel  Grennan, decided to add a brief stint of volunteering to his journey so it wouldn't seem quite so self indulgent. An orphanage in Nepal sounded interesting, even if he didn't know anything about kids - well, it was just a few weeks so how hard could it be? 

Grennan discovers that the young boys have many lessons to teach him about survival, joy, charity and life. How he takes these lessons and uses them to navigate his own life and then to begin unraveling the mysteries of  the child trafficking web in Nepal that ensnares his young friends makes this story compelling and extraordinary reading. Civil War has ravaged Nepal and its families and Grennan makes it his mission to reunite the little princes with their families - families who willing gave up all they owned in the belief they were giving their children a chance at a better life.

A great read and one that will move you to action --- check out Conor Grennan's  web page at