Sunday, March 3, 2013

Afrika Reich

The Nazi swastika is flying over much of Africa in this thriller set in 1952 – ten years after England settled WWII peacefully with Hitler. Written by first time novelist Guy Saville, the book runs the gamut of “ifs” including a reimagined Africa – where colonialism is once again the norm and the indigenous population is basically enslaved by the Nazi/SS hierarchy.

Throw in rebels trying to save their country, an Englishman trying to kill his nemesis who is now a Governor of the German-Afrikan territories and you have the setting for a political thriller/action/adventure and fast paced alternative reality page-turner!

Some of it is a little hard to believe (how does our Brit always overcome any obstacle it seems – is it the thought of true love?) The Germans seem very stereotypical (all brutish thugs with no redeeming characteristics – you can draw your own conclusions).

It’s a fun romp but there are not enough answers to so many questions that you are left pondering.  Why did the British settle the war? How did it come down to this – before you can really appreciate the story as it unfolds.