Sunday, March 8, 2009

2009 Recommendations: Two to Buy

If you need a chick lit fix try THE LOST RECIPE FOR HAPPINESS... it's about finding your way when tragedy has so profoundly shaped your life that ghosts from your past travel with you to the future. This book uses great cooking, a delightful chef, a Hollywood movie writer/producer/restaurant owning romantic interest, a lovable dog, Aspen settings and some universal truths that make it readable and bring the characters into your heart.

While I am a true Red Sox Nation supporter, I had to read Joe Torre's book 
THE YANKEE YEARS. Baseball fans will enjoy his stories from the club house and even some of us who dislike Jeter will respect the shortstop after reading about his leadership and professionalism as outlined by Torre. Too bad the same couldn't be said about Torre's treatment at the hands of Yankee management. The Torre years in NYC included many great ones and it is all here, the players, the pennants, the good, the bad, the suspicions, the steroids, the hype and the forgotten players. A fascinating look at major league baseball by one of the all time greats.