Thursday, March 12, 2009

If you like:

Ready to find a new author? Looking for a great read but want to stick with the same genre? Here are a few ideas that may get you started.
If you like: Brad Thor  or Vince Flynn  try Brian Haig 
  While you don't need to start with his first book SECRET SANCTION, you should because 
all his books are well worth the time. 

If you like:   Jeff Shaara,
 Steven Pressfield, Robin Maxwell try: Conn Iggulden
His Genghis Khan series is great reading not 
just entertaining but also fasci
nating for its historical content.

and if you like James Rollins try : Steve Berry 
 And if you are
 fascinated by Templar lore don't miss Berry's book...

Other Templar related series 
or books I recommend are: Jack Whyte, Robyn Young
 and Raymond Khoury